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We as a campaign are committed to not cluttering the built and natural environment with intrusive campaign signs. Instead, to ‘put my money where my mouth is’, we are utilizing the internet as an example of not only how a campaign can be run effectively and thoughtfully in the 21st century, but an example for all of Kitsap County of the use of high-speed broadband as an alternative for ‘getting to work’! If you believe as we do in both our positions for the community, and this approach to campaigning, WE NEED YOUR HELP AND SUPPORT. Please click on the Contribution link and help us bring Poulsbo and Kitsap County into the 21st century… and thank you!


2008 Broadband Update  By Christopher Dunagan Wednesday, January 2, 2008

EDS still a part of Poulsbo sans 8th Ave. site  July 27, 2005 By Charles Melton, NK Herald

EDS Leaving Poulsbo but Employees Will Stay  July 27, 2005 By Susie L. Oh, KitsapSun

Junkies look for traffic fix March 31, 2005 By Ed Stern Seattle PI

'Cities Deliver Broadband for Less'  By Joan Glasner March 7, 2003 Wired News

Olympic College builds Poulsbo satellite campus Puget Sound Business Journal

'Broadband Technology'  Poulsbo could be first to connect to telecommunication 'backbone'  February 2, 2003 KitsapSun

'Boats, Bytes and Buildings'  Bainbridge Island Econimic Conference   September 18. 2003 KitsapSun

'Kitsap leaders push for a 'Silicon Peninsula'  Fiber optics could create way to enter digital economy  February 22, 2000 Seattle Post Intelligencer











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