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Updated Background & Resume - 2009

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I have a long-standing commitment to education and our children, beginning with my degree from the University of California in Psychology, with emphasis in early childhood eduction. I did work-study in this program to help pay for my degree working in the Richmond, California School District, RONOH School, as an aide from 1974 to 1976.

I moved in 1977 to take a job with the Livingston, Montana School District in the Special Education Department, as a certified teacher with the ESEA Title One Program.

Carrying this same professional interest in education with me to Poulsbo in 1986, I have since served on the Olympic College North Kitsap Advisory Committee, forerunner to the concept and design of the now-existant Olympic College Poulsbo Campus. Further, in addition to working with now-retired State Senator Betti Sheldon in saving and securing the $13 million state-funded construction money earmarked but threatened at the time, I was instrumental in coordinating the Kitsap Public Utility District fiber-optic lines to be worked into the final buildout of the Campus plans. Today, due in part to this work, Olympic College leads all other community colleges state-wide in the implementation of 'e-learning'.

My committment to education extends to the North Kitsap School District, where I served on both the School Superintendent Search Committee that lead to the hiring of current Superintendent Gene Medina, as well as the 'key citizens' working group which annually meets to hear of issues and concerns of the District. In my capacity as Chair of the County's Regional Telecommunications Committee, advise has been rendered the District which has led to the KPUD's fiber-optic lines being utilized by Century Tel in a contract to the schools.

The committment to educate our next generation of leaders is imperative to the health and security of our country, and world. I have an unshakable faith in all of us working together to further this goal.






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